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EVO eZpay

Introducing eZpay, The No Processing Fees Solution

EVO eZpay offers an online payment system that is integrated with a merchant’s website.

No equipment required. All transactions are done via a secure website with full PCI/DSS compliance. Accept payment over the phone with our Integrated Voice Recognition feature. Additional features are available such as paperless billing, e-checks, recurring billing, and shopping cart interface; all integrated into your website!

  • Customers can now pay their bills online 24/7.
  • Improve collections and reduce delinquent payments.
  • Maximize staff efficiency and streamline the payment process.

Unique Features of eZpay

  • Report payment activity: Display/print payments or download them in Excel or ASCII text
  • Import bills: Post new, replacement, or additional bills in bulk by uploading a file
  • Add or maintain bill types: Specify the search fields, include messages to guide visitors, define your import file format. Enrollment includes an unlimited number of bill types
  • View documentation: Get detailed information here or call us for support
  • Account information: Change your password or other information about your account
  • Maintain interest formula: Define the way you charge interest on bills
  • Add a bill: Post new bills via the screen, one at a time
  • Remove this bill type/Remove all bills of this type: Allows you to permanently or temporarily discontinue Internet collection of a bill type

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